August 13, 2009


As I wrote in the last post I took Brian and his two friends Kache and Talon to "Discovery Park" in Pleasant Grove (my kids call it the wood park because it is all made out of wood). Here are a few pictures that I was finally able to download from my phone.

Last week Gio and the boys went to San Diego over night. We were all suppose to go and have one last family trip to the beach, but my back has been causing me some problems (old car accident injury) and so I stayed home, but the boys and Gio had a great father and sons' overnighter in California. (Working for JetBlue really has it's perks!)

How sad that summer is coming to an end. It has been a great three months and we have done a lot of exciting things. It is hard to believe that in3 days Brian will start 5th grade and that in a week Robert will be a college freshman. Where did the time go???
This past week there have been a few exciting things going on and so I thought I would just post a mixture of pictures....
There was the father and son campout. Only Gio and Brian went because Robert was still pretty sore from his scooter accident.

Then a few days ago Brian went with his friend Seth to Midvale Days....they were in a watermelon eating contest and at one point Brian was laughing so hard that he had watermelon coming out of his nose. I wish that we had been there to see it!

A couple of nights ago we had an Italian night with some of our Italian friends. It was great fun to all be together. We had wonderful food, great company and Roberto even seranaded us for a while. The kids swam in the pool and Brian made a new friend. It made us feel like we were back in Italy for the evening. Thanks to all those friends who cooked, and those who came. We had a wonderful evening! We will have to do it again soon!

Last night Gio took Brian and his friend Kache to the Utah County Fair. They were hoping to go to the demolition derby, but the tickets sold a few things that they did, and saw....

To top off the week we went to a missionary farwell today for one of Robert's friends...Downing. It was so nice to hear this young man speak in church about how he has prepared himself to serve a mission. When I saw him standing there it made me think of Robert and how in a few short months he will be gone too....but for now I really enjoy Sunday afternoons when his friends come over to play Xbox 360 live....We are so glad for the friends that Robert has and the example they all set for one another. The thing that is so great about them as well is how accepting they are of Brian and how they include him in their fun! It really is great to have a teenage son!!!

I am so thankful for the family that I have...a husband who loves me and treats me like a queen, and two sons who are the joy of my life. I really am blessed!!!

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The Jeffs Family said...

What a fun summer! I used to play laser tag at that park in P.G. when I was at BYU. Looks like the boys had fun in San Diego--I hope your back is feeling better.