July 5, 2009


What a great weekend we had! Even though Gio and I had to work we were still able to fit in plenty of fun!

Jet Blue has a lot of great benefits and one of the many is that we are able to get discount tickets to the Real Salt Lake soccer games. (Jet Blue is a sponser). So on Friday night went to the game up in Sandy at the Rio Tinto Stadium. Brian brought along his good friend Gabe. Gabe's family, like ours, are avid soccer fans, only they like Manchester United and we LOVE the Juventus (located in Torino, Italy). It was a fun evening. We stopped off at Village Inn for dinner, then off to the game. We now understand better why US soccer has difficulties on the world stage. The game was so slow!! Finally in the 2nd half things got moving a bit and the San Jose Earthquakes made a goal. Not what we were hoping for, but it made the game more exciting. In the 90th minute RSL tied the game 1-1! It was a good finish. There were fire works down on the field and we went down and sat on the grass to watch. It was a fun evening for the four of us.

Robert on the other had spent the evening and night down on University Ave with a bunch of his friends. They had a great time eating, playing video games, and just hanging out together. It was one of the first big get togethers since graduation and they had a really fun night! I don't think they slept any, they just wandered around from one group to another and "hung out" as Robert calls it. I'm glad that he has such good friends that we don't need to worry about him, and I'm thankful too that we live in such a good place where kids can do such fun things. (It doesn't hurt that one of Robert's friends' father is a police officer and works the night beat either!).

On Saturday evening we had the opportunity to go to the Stadium of Fire at the BYU LaVell Edwards Stadium. It was a wonderful evening. A friend of ours, who happen to be the President of the Freedom Festival this year had some extra tickets that the festival committee was giving away for free, and she called us up and asked if we wanted to go. Of course we said, YES!!! Brian especially was happy because The Jonas Brothers were the headline act, and Provo was part of their tour. Brian invited another good friend of his, Seth, and it was a fun filled evening. They went totally crazy with the music, and we realized that Brian is a "Grouppie"! It was so much fun to watch him have fun and enjoy the experience. Robert went with us to dinner at Golden Corrall (very patriotic don't you think?) but was so tired that he could hardly even eat. We ended up taking him home and he slept until almost the end of the show, then went with some friends to watch the fireworks from outside the stadium.
SheDaisy was also there, and so was Glen Beck (I'm not a big fan of his, but this year he was great....much more patriotic and not as political as he has been in the past.) The highlight of the evening was when they retired the flag that had been used at the festival for the past 13 years. It was very emotional to be there and take part in such a special event. That for me was the highlight of the evening.
Again last night I reflected on this country that we live in and what unites each one of us. It doesn't matter our nationality, our religious or political views, but I was reminded that we are all Americans and if we work together and unite as one we have the opportunity to make this nation great.
Here are a few photos from the evening:

It is hard to believe that summer vacation will be over in 6 short weeks. We are going to try to fit a lot in, but most of all to make memories with our family.
Happy Summer to everyone!!!

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Jamie said...

i love both of your 4th of july posts! what fun you guys have as a family!!! your boys sure are cuties!!!