June 29, 2009

When a picture tells the entire story...

In the news media there's always the habit to try to capture the attention of the reader in various ways. Several news papers have the tendency to use capitalized, front page, short phrases that summarize what the topic might be about.
Other newspapers place in front page a snap shot, or a series of pictures that explain what the article is about more than any words can do. Some photographers are so good that they receive world recognition. Others might end up taking pictures for tabloids and become the infamous "paparazzi".

In our case, no human hand took this picture but I feel that if there was an Oscar for best photo or for a picture that tells the story...this would be worthy of recognition.

The date: June 01, 2009. The place: Walt Disney World Aerosmith Rock and Roller Coaster. The cast: Giovanni, Robert, Pino...all avid roller coaster riders! Judi and Brian...first time in a triple loop, upside down, inside roller coaster.

The wait wasn't too long. Brian was unaware of what was going to happen and so was Judi. She had partial understanding of how the coaster rock and rolled (in the real sense!). Judi was a just about to give up but finally she decided- mostly for Brian- to stay on board.

The ride was amazing, the music was incredibly loud and we all made it safe! I don't think Brian and Judi realized what they had just done but, proudly, they can say that they conquered their fear of roller coaster...or did they?

See the picture below and I feel that tells the entire story.....

Cost of vacation in Florida: a lot of money; Cost of food inside the parks: probably more; Looking at Judi's and Brian's expression while riding this coaster- building a memory lasting forever: PRICELESS!

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Jamie said...

i love that pic! when you click on it, it makes it REALLY big! your face says it all!!! super fun!